Inside Sales Enablement

From PIP to Perform & Sales Simplification Strategies (Ep# 15)

August 19, 2019

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 15

There is a lot of talk about:

  • The burden on Salespeople
  • Customer buying journey and buyer enablement
  • What sellers must do to sell more

In episode 15, Brian and Scott bring these issues to life, through the lens of a seller.

Scott shares real-life situations of his journey (very openly and honestly — you likely will not hear this kind of stuff from your sellers unless you have deep personal relationships with them). He talks about his journey from selling products to selling solutions to executives. 

The story starts off with a lot of excitement and thrill about doing something new but, by doing what he was told and taught - Scott found himself on a PIP (performance improvement plan).

Uh oh.

  • How did it happen?
  • What happened next?

Tune into the story.  

To make it relatable and actionable, the guys use the 5 selling objectives they introduced in episode 10:  The NYC Police Department to help connect the dots and illuminate what could have been done organizationally to help Scott be more successful earlier.  

Through this process - they highlight many common situations your company might be creating for your own sellers. In actuality, the work might make it difficult for your salespeople to execute.

For example, challenger, selling with curiosity, or any other selling method focuses on shifting focus away from products and more to value. The key question: Are your Salespeople ready?

In this episode you will hear:

  1. A story that will resonate with your sellers so you can empathize with them and design the right enablement solutions 
  2. An easy to follow framework (5 sales objectives) to help align sales enablement activities and initiatives. Based on Episode 10 (The NYC Police Department & Selling Objectives) 
  3. Ideas on how to bring marketing content and selling content together 
  4. A way to talk about complexity with your sales leadership in ways that  empower you to tackle it 
  5. What progressions a seller is likely to go through as they move from a product focus to insight focused selling.