Inside Sales Enablement

Lessons From the Ford Edsel Failure & Who’s the Customer of Sales Enablement? (Ep#23)

November 26, 2019

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 23

Sales enablement leaders work at the intersection of sales leadership, marketing, product, and operations to help engineer and elevate sales conversations.  As Sales Enablement pros work across these stakeholder groups they often experience very high expectations, leading to challenges and friction if not handled well. For example, on one hand, sales leaders demand a high-level service and impact with their teams. And on the other hand, groups like training and product groups view sales enablement as the most critical function they need to partner with to get their content in front of sales teams. As sales enablement leaders work in more integrated ways to achieve sales results, they need buy-in and support from not only sales leaders, but also a wide variety of department leaders.

If you are a sales enablement professional, you know there are a lot of people to serve. You also know that they aren't all your customers, and you can't treat everyone who wants something the same. So, the question is, how do you parse people out? Who do you listen to?   

These are critical questions requiring you to think through the business you're in, the function you roll up to, and the leadership team you're accountable to.  At the same time, you must ensure sales and sales leadership has a voice into what you're doing (and what others say you need to do).

To help you think this through, Scott and Brian take an inventory of who sales enablement leaders serve, and who their customer is, depending on a variety of variables including:

- Where you report into

- What your charter is

- Who your customer is 

They also provide an actionable checklist to help you document who your customer is, and who you serve, to increase clarity and traction in your role.  

Thanks for listening! And as always, send us feedback and comments!