Inside Sales Enablement

Joe Gibbs & the Power of Coaching (Ep #14)

August 12, 2019

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 14

One of our listeners, Rachel, shared her companies view about sales management and the difficulty managers have in transitioning from being a top-performing rep to sales management. 

Joe Gibbs won Super Bowls 3 different quarterbacks. How? He coached to a system, encouraging people to be themselves, and focusing on outcomes. There are a lot of people talking about front-line sales managers and having them "go coach more."  As much as that's been discussed, sales coaching hasn't really taken off. 

The guys talk about:

- What is sales coaching

- What are the components of a successful coaching program?

- How do we get past talking about coaching and enabling managers to be successful

Sales managers have to live in two worlds, traditional "management skills" and also sales productivity contribution.  Sales Enablement leaders looking to implement sales coaching need to be clear about their focus and intent. What can sales enablement leaders do to add value?  

The guys discuss

  • The difference between sales coaching activities and sales coaching programs
  • Unleashing the value of coaching, by embracing the sales leadership perspective
  • The attributes of successful coaching programs