Inside Sales Enablement

Managing Up & Deploying Technology World-Wide (Ep#18)

September 20, 2019

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 18

In this episode, a listener (Amy) calls into the show to discuss managing disparate workgroups globally. The great thing about Amy is she has a marketing operations background -- and considers herself a sales enablement practitioner.  Because she has a marketing operations background, she has a broad, yet practical view of what sales enablement deployments look like. 

Her biggest challenge? Managing up. 

As someone who helps sales sell, the experiences Amy has experience in
• “Connecting dots” across a variety of stakeholders including business units, marketing ops, sales ops, sales enablement, and sales leadership
• The idea of “governance” and what it means to ensure the various stakeholders have a say and protect the brand
• The feedback loops using analytics and voice of sales data
• Participation in the governance conversation
• The idea of “taxonomy” and what it can mean to a variety of different stakeholders
• The regional/global view of enrolling others in country

Take a listen , and give us your feedback.